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Importance of Third Friday of Great Lent # Day 19

March 9, 2012

Dear All in Jesus Christ,

Preface for Meditation

The third call which we will explore today is indeed the calling of all callings. There is no other call in the entire history of the human race as great as this call, and there is no response which impacted the fate of the human race as much as this response. This call is the Annunciation, – the call of the Virgin Mary.

Recorded in the gospel of St. Luke, the story of the Annunciation tells us how the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth. There, the angel Gabriel was sent to a young girl who was probably in her early teens-to a young virgin whose name was Mary. When the angel appeared to Mary he said to her “Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you…Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be great and called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his ancestor David.” Yet unlike Moses, Mary did not try to evade God’s call. Unlike Moses, she did not ask the Lord to choose another. Unlike Samuel, she was not confused as to who was calling her. No, on the contrary, Mary responded with the greatest response ever uttered. That response was simply, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”

Today, we celebrate this day of days, this feast of feasts. For through the call and response of one girl all humanity has the opportunity for salvation. Today, the church commemorates this day to remind us that God has called us as well. These three stories prove God has called you. Make no mistake. God does not care about your age. Are you as old as Moses or as young as Samuel? God has called you. God has called you as he called Moses and Mary. God calls you regardless of your race, regardless of your talents, regardless of your poverty, regardless of your wealth. God calls you regardless of your strengths, regardless of your weaknesses. God has called you because you are His sons and His daughters.

 As we saw, the way God calls individuals is varied, yet the call is always personal and the end is the always the same. In very rare occasions, this is done in a dramatic way as it was to Moses. More often than naught, however, God comes as he did to Samuel. Most often, God comes to us in a quiet whisper, for as God Himself said, “be still and know that I am God.” Remember, no matter how God reveals himself, the calling is one and the same. God has called you to serve him. God has called you to be a Christian. This calling-to be a Christian-is as great as the call of Moses and as profound as that of Mary’s. Therefore, go and respond to God’s call. Open up your hearts and allow God to enter and as you leave here today. And every day, remember to pray, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

This Great Lent is a time for us to listen to our call and to respond to His call like Moses, Samuel and Mother Mary.

Third Friday of Great Lent

  • Evening
    • St. Matthew 6: 5-15 (Click on this link to access Bible words online: Matthew 6: 5-15)
  • Morning
    • Deuteronomy8 : 1-20
    • Isaiah 1:10-20
    • I Peter 3: 7- 15
    • Romans2: 2- 13
    • St. Luke18 : 9 -17

With Prayer & Love

Lino Abraham

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