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BOOK ONE- Chapter 12 (Abridged)

The Value of Adversity

For whom: For those who are afflicted and are too sensitive of their sufferings

1.a) IT IS good for us to have trials and troubles at times, for they often remind us that we are on probation and ought not to hope in any worldly thing.

1.b) It is good for us sometimes to suffer contradiction, to be misjudged by men even though we do well and mean well.

2) These things help us to be humble and shield us from vainglory.
A man ought to root himself so firmly in God that he will not need the consolations of men.

‎3) When a man of good will is afflicted, tempted, and tormented by evil thoughts, he realizes clearly that his greatest need is God, without Whom he can do no good.


“The body, being only the temporal garment of the soul, is perishable, and does not constitute the true life of the man. The true life is the spiritual life. If you rend, if you destroy the man’s garment, still he himself remains alive; so also after the slaying, after the death, the corruption of the body, the soul remains alive. Let us then chiefly care for the soul, for its salvation!”- St. John of Kronstadt

When afflicted with trials and sufferings, pray that they may not be a tool for your separation with Him but rather bring you close to Him.

Take the example of Job, Satan used sufferings to bring infliction upon his body, but Job cared for the soul. Whenever sufferings come our way, we back out when we face pain in our physical body but really dont take care of the soul.

Let Christ abide in you, He who created you will surely sustain you through trials and Yes Keep your Heart and Soul as “Not For Sale” to the devil.

Hope you all like and implement Chapter 12 in your lives. Tomorrow we will see what Chapter 13 tells us.

May the prayers of Holy Theotokos and Holy Angels, saints and martyrs be a refuge for you all. God Bless.

– Rincy Raju

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