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Happy Women’s Day!

March 7, 2012 Comments off


A woman one of the most beautiful creation of GOD,
showering her respect as daughter,
feel her care in the form of a sister,
feel her warmth in the form of a friend.
why did God create man 1st before creating a woman?
of course, b’coz its alwys gud to make a rough draft
1st before making a MASTERPIECE..

Happy Women’s Day!
Wishing you a day as beautiful as you are!

Your Servant In Lord

Lino Abraham

Regional Secretary

MGOCSM & OCYM, Chennai Region


Brahmavar Konkani Orthodox Community

January 1, 2012 2 comments

The Brahmavar (Goan) Orthodox Church is a self-governing branch of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. This group originated in the Roman Catholic Church, formed under the leadership of Metropolitan Alvares Mar Yulios of Goa of the Syriac Orthodox Church in 1889 AD. Formerly under the Mumbai Diocese,  it has now been constituted as its own diocese, the Brahmavar Diocese of theMalankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

New Year Message from the Brahmavar Konkani Orthodox Community New Year Greeting

Lets Remember 2011!!!

December 31, 2011 Comments off

Lets remember 2011 ..some beautiful moments ..some sad moments .

Lets say  Thank to Lord Almighty for Beautiful 2012

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Happy New Year

December 31, 2011 Comments off

New Year

In the New year it will be ideal for us to reflect on our status as Orthodox Christians who claim to sustain the true faith in the Church (Orthos-Doxa) the uncontaminated or straight worship). It would help us to have a New Year resolution as to what needs to be changed in our life as an individual, a family, a parish or as Church to witness my saviour as my Lord and my God, the ideal faith that our founder St. Thomas declared. Wish you all a Happy, Loving, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2012
The people do not want prosperity and abundance, even after 2000 years, unfortunately, people want Barabbas the poverty. Even today people do not want Jesus the wealth; people want the garbage Barabbas, that’s why Jesus said: John 12:8 “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” Every people have who wants to choose. The ruler’s thieves are chosen by the people and not by God!
Obstacles – the opportunity for victories we never thought we could achieve-We are working for the coming of the kingdom of God, the coming of brotherhood among all people, but at the same time we must be under no illusion: we will still have many obstacles to face, and each one should be an opportunity for us to demonstrate qualities we wouldn’t have been able to show in more favourable circumstances. Yes, see how, each time the powers of evil have been unleashed, beings have arisen to ensure the voice of justice and good would be heard, finding inner resources they did not know they had. Obstacles impel us to struggle, to make efforts: they force us to show more courage, more determination than we thought ourselves capable of. You will say it is difficult. Of course, but it is the only intelligent way to react. So, instead of complaining and rebelling, we should say, ‘Thank you, Lord. These difficulties will help me to become stronger, to go beyond myself.’ And what a joy it is to achieve undreamt of victories!
The true Spirit of Christmas is a commitment to overcome prejudices, break down barriers and eliminate situations that pit individuals and communities against each other, in order to build a world of justice, and peace. And this Christmas should help us not only to look forward to the historical events of Jesus, but also enable us to look forward to His promised second coming.
To conclude a New Year can be said to have started only if a New birth – a New beginning to be Christ like has taken place in us; May the Love of the Father the Grace of the Son and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit guide us to a new beginning so that our remaining life will be a dedicated one living as the children of God worthy to inherit the Kingdom of God.

May God Bless us all

Our Chirstmas Message

December 24, 2011 Comments off

Our Christmas Message and Wishes……

Today Morning I saw a Posting in F/B, from a Friend, who is living in West. She wrote like this. “My country 90% are not Christians, yet I am not scared to wish any of us a Merry Christmas. But in a country where 80% are Christians, I am so scared to use the phrase Merry Christmas. In my place everyone especially the little ones would be jumping around this time of the year because its Christmas holiday…where everyone celebrates every function. As long as we get Payasam, cake and other sweets we are happy. Wishing all of my friends Merry Christmas. Please include the lesser fortunate in your prayers”.

Yes,This is the reality of Present day Christmas. Christmas, has been turn from a ‘Holy day in to a Profit-Motivated day”.Somewhere I read that, in the West, Having, more than 80% Christian Population, some schools are not to set up traditional nativity scenes due to fears that they would offend non Christians amongst the Population. What a pity?, Now a days, they are coming to India, and preaching Christianity, a land received Gospel, 1960 years ago. Still we are only 2%, but we have religious freedom, and irrespective of Caste, and Creed, everyone is celebrating, and wishing Christmas. This is India, and let us proud of that we are Indians. So quantity is not important, but quality.

May His (Jesus) birth not find us busy celebrating Christmas that, he is the very person, at the centre of the feast. Let us bring back Christ to the midst of our Christmas Celebrations. Let CHRIST remain in the centre of this Christmas, because he is the reason for this celebration and season. It is the time of think about those would great Christmas in “solitude, the Sickness and in Suffering”.

The true Spirit of Christmas is a commitment to overcome prejudices, break down barriers and eliminate situations that pit individuals and people against each other, in order to build a world of Justice, and peace together.

And this Christmas should help us not only look forward to the historical events of Jesus, but enable us to look forward to His promised second coming.

Wishing you ALL a Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year 2012

Fr.Thomas Philipose


Jingle Bells Song

December 21, 2011 Comments off


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By Grace, A Shepherd

December 19, 2011 Comments off

His Grace Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, the Metropolitan of the Mumbai Diocese

The Interview has been conducted by a Member of Orthodox Church Philip Varghese, he is working as Chief Reporter with the ‘AFTERNOON’ Newspaper in Mumbai.

To read more:

– Philip Varghese  [Dadar Church]

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