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How do Christians Deal with Stress?

February 2, 2012 Comments off
Before answer the question, “How do Christians deal with stress?”
let’s look at how Christians define stress.
Stress tends to visit us when we’re tired, when we’re sick,
when we’re driving through a crowded metropolis,
when we’re late for an important meeting,
or if we’ve taken on too many responsibilities.
When circumstances are out of our control, we feel stress.
When our basic needs are not being met and our safety is threatened,
we tend to get anxious.
Stress and anxiety for a Christian can take on many different shapes and forms,
yet in general, for most Christians, stress boils down to one idea – lack of trust in God.
Though it is impossible to lump all of Christianity into one common position,
most Christians do share the thinking that God is sovereign and in control of our lives.
We believe he is the author and composer of our life of faith.
We believe he has given us everything we need for life.
So, most of the time when stress dominates our lives,
somewhere along the way we have failed to trust God.
Though this explanation appears simplistic, it’s not meant to imply that a stress-free life in Christ is easy to obtain.
Just trust God more and you’ll never deal with stress again!

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