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NW/Canada region of MGOCSM

February 10, 2012 Comments off

NW/Canada region of MGOCSM includes:

St. Gregorios Edmonton, St. Mary’s Calgary, and St. George Vancouver (all Canada).

The two other churches in the region are St. Thomas, Seattle and St. Gregorios Mission Parish in Spokane (both in Washington State)

1.       What has your area done since Baltimore Leadership Camp? (July 2011)

  • Since BLC, the Northwest region was able to get two more of our MGOCSM units registered for 2012. With the addition of Spokane and Calgary, we look forward to having a greater youth presence at LCD (Detroit Leadership Camp July 2012).
  • The Calgary youth just held their very first MGOCSM meeting on January 1st 2012. As the Edmonton MGOCSM is close in proximity to the youth of St. Mary’s Calgary, they look forward to combined youth meetings as well as future events and missions.
  • Since BLC, the St. Gregorios, Edmonton MGOCSM has held regular meetings and according to a more organized schedule.
  • During Thanksgiving, The youth of St. Thomas, Seattle held a food/item drive for the poor with one of the local Coptic Church’s youth groups.   The event was a great success.

2.       What are the strengths of your area?

  • The main strength of our area is our potential to grow in the future.  As most of the youth groups in our area are still in the introductory stage of our development, we are slowly gaining more knowledge from other youth groups in the various regions of North America. We believe that we’ll be able to accomplish much more in the coming year and as a result, our goals for future mission and events are quite high.
  • We are a diverse group of youth that learns a lot from each other. We enjoy working together and coming up with new ideas to improve on various aspects of our youth groups as well as ways to bring our region together.

3.       What are the weaknesses of your area?

  • Even though our region is quite large, the amount of youth we have is low. We have smaller youth groups and sometimes little to no attendance for meetings due to various reasons.
  • The distance between our units is vast which makes it difficult for us to meet with each other and hold regional events (aside from our annual regional family conference).
  • The Spokane region is unable to hold regular meetings as all the potential youth leaders have moved away for work or college.
  • We have yet to establish an MGOCSM at the Vancouver, B.C parish. As there are very few youth, and infrequent attendance, it is difficult to start anything up at this point.

4.       What is your plan of events/ministry for the next 6 months (until LCD)?

  • The Edmonton youth are currently planning a one-day youth conference that is to be held in the summer of 2012. The theme is yet to be determined and they will be inviting youth not only from the Malankara Orthodox Church, but also youth from other Churches (i.e. Coptic, Ukrainian, and Ethiopian youth). They will also be increasing their volunteer hours this year. Their first volunteer event of the year was held at St. Mary’s/St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church in January, with a sandwich drive to a local shelter.
  • St. Gregorios, Spokane is going to be hosting our very first regional youth conference sometime in late June 2012. We are currently trying to bring Mat Alexander Achen to Spokane from Texas. The discussed theme, awaiting Mat Alexander Achen’s approval, is “Understanding the Old Testament”. All the youth attending from Seattle, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary will be staying at people’s houses and the event will be held at the church in Spokane. We are aiming to avoid a registration fee altogether so the youth from Canada and Seattle only have to worry about transportation.


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